"Evidence of a new subatomic particle observed"


Facinating story of graphene

"Scientists theorized the potential existence and production of graphene for decades. It has likely been unknowingly produced in small quantities for centuries, through the use of pencils and other similar applications of graphite. It was possibly observed in electron microscopes in 1962, but studied only while supported on metal surfaces."


2004 is the year known as official discovery of graphene. It was done in UK and acknowledged as the work of two russian researcher who got the Nobel prize for this discovery in 2010.

EU is very much interested that graphene will be used. EU graphene came to life because of that.Below is an application with deadline 15032024 in case someone would like to know more. Graphene is basically nanotechnology and as we all know nanotechnology has its ups and downs. If you believe in humanity you will design systems that are almost free from errors and side effects. If you believe in money then graphene is used with side effects that might at the end make more harm than good to humanity.


"In 1934, theoretical physicist Eugene Wigner proposed a new type of crystal."
The Crystal now known as Wigner Crystal could be observed in 2018