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Embryology/Human development

Cancer and rare diseases

"Present, past and future - Karolinska Instiutet 200 years"


"A pulse of innovation: AI at the service of heart research

Biomedical engineers use AI to build a transformative new tool to study and diagnose heart function"


Poland and Hungary need support! For some reason Netherlands has been neglecting efficient treatment of its malignant neoplasms


"Pharmaceutical pollution of the world's rivers"


Did you know?

" In the 1950s, a young doctor named Marthe Gautier happened to be the only scientist in Paris who knew how to grow human cell cultures. Gautier had perfected the new, cutting-edge technique after receiving a highly-coveted scholarship that sent her to study at Harvard University for a year. Upon returning to France, Gautier began working for a pediatric research team, led by Professor Raymond Turpin. With little more than a nod from Turpin, Gautier set up her own lab and designed and conducted experiments that led to the discovery of trisomy 21, the chromosomal anomaly that causes Down Syndrome. Yet, her male colleague, Jerome Lejeune would go on to take credit for the finding, propelling himself into scientific superstardom while Gautier fell into obscurity." 


Finlands tragedi? Många 60 plussare i Finland lever som apor för just i den här generationen så är det inte så många som blev studenter! De blev mammor och husmor och deltidsarbetare med minimum löner som just nu måste stå i brödköer för att klara av livhanken medan arroganta nazi mannen alexander stubb ger 188 miljoner åt ukraina som tycks använda dessa pengar åt att köpa lyxvåningar i London!


Learning by doing!

Reading is amazing but life long learning requires doing/playing

" In total, as research by the Italian food sovereignty group Centro Internazionale Crocevia has uncovered, Doudna and Charpentier are listed as inventors on 516 patents filed on CRISPR at the global level, 66 of which are European patents. All of which casts a somewhat different light on their support for relaxing the rules on the technology they’re so heavily invested in."


"The drug was meant to save children’s lives. Instead, they’re dying.

How a useless, dangerous childhood cancer treatment flooded the world "

"Italian doctors were shocked to learn that the brand of asparaginase they have been administering to their patients, Celginase, has been found to be substandard. “We trust the Ministry of Health and [regulatory agency] AIFA have already checked the safety and efficacy,” said Luigi Rigacci, a haematologist at San Camillo Forlanini in Rome, one of Italy’s major public hospitals. “It would be really disappointing to know there are no thorough quality controls on the foreign asparaginase we've been using.”

While Oncaspar cost €2,500 a vial, San Camillo Forlanini bought Celginase for just €15. Hospital documents show it purchased Celginase in 2020 and 2022. The hospital said it had bought Celginase in compliance with relevant regulations."  


"Ethereum Can Be Used for Cancer Research."



Alaskapox: elderly man becomes first known death from virus

The virus recently discovered in Alaska is transmitted from small mammals and symptoms normally include a rash and muscle pain


"AI reveals huge amounts of fraud in medical research | DW News"


"Humans Have a 'Sixth Sense', And It's Actually Vital to Our Health"

"Most people are familiar with the five senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste), but not everyone knows that we have an additional sense called interoception.

This is the sense of our body's internal state. It helps us feel and interpret internal signals that regulate vital functions in our body, like hunger, thirst, body temperature, and heart rate." 


"Epithelial cells adopt a new geometric shape so that tissue can curve"

During covid everything was online.
I was present at so many covid seminars.
No one talked of the shape of epithelial cells!
You need to know anatomy if you want to do real science! "
"The epithelial cells are the "construction blocks" with which an organism is formed. They are like 'pieces of Tente or Lego from which animals are made'. The epithelia form structures with multiple functions like forming a barrier against infections or absorbing nutrients."


" The crux of the problem lies in the outdated regulatory frameworks and the inefficient use of available healthcare resources."


"Cancer care in Europe: alarming gaps remain"

"  even in countries in Europe, such as Sweden, the UK and Portugal, which have a tradition of robust healthcare, disparities exist in the risks of developing cancer, having it detected early and successfully treated." https://healthcare-in-europe.com/en/news/cancer-care-europe-inequalities-diagnostics-treatment.html

"Dementia care and treatment: Continuing inequalities across Europe"

"France, Germany and the Netherlands were the countries that were the most active in European dementia research collaborations scoring 100% in that category, whereas Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine were not involved in the Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Diseases Research (JPND) or any of the calls for European research collaboration"


"The ‘silent scandal’ of missing lung tests across England"

"Patients in some of the most deprived areas of England, where respiratory conditions including chronic lung disease (COPD) and asthma are most prevalent, have limited or no access to vital diagnostic tests to confirm their diagnosis, reveals a survey by The BMJ." 


"'One of the biggest on record': Ozone hole bigger than North America opens above Antarctica"

" Satellite data shows that this year's ozone hole grew to around twice the size of Antarctica. Researchers say the eruption of Tonga's underwater volcano early last year may be partially to blame for the enormous cavity."


"Ozone layer regulations will prevent 443 million cases of skin cancer in the US, EPA says"

"UV radiation not only damages human organs, but nature is also affected as well.

"You can suppress growth cycles of plants or animals. Like plankton can be highly affected by UV rays, and plankton are at the bottom of the food chain for a lot of things in the ocean,""  


Integer acam

Våran styrka i Norden?

Life is fun!

Life is an adventure! 

Chromosome Organisation


Integer acam

Lead Pollution in Paris Air!


Lead fallout fingerprint of the Notre-Dame de Paris fire uncovered"


We suggest creation of better FDA

Debate! CDC malfunctions!
"More than HALF of CDC staff leave to work for Big Pharma and 'revolving door' of workers at public agency makes it vulnerable to corruption, report warns"
    " The analysis found that, between 2004 and 2020, 54 percent of workers who left the agency for another job moved into the private health sector."


"An official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) testified to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis that she was ordered by senior political officials to delete an email that contained evidence of a senior official attempting to alter a CDC coronavirus study"


Vi ämnar och erbjuda läkemedel till självkostnadspris!

Stay Tuned!

Solving rare diseases!

PFAS pollution Europe

Question is do you have Alzheimer or symptoms of PFAS pollution?

Science is fun


Covid Orphans are not included here!
We aim to make the world aware of them!

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We are a spinoff from KI.
During my PhD I helped establishing collaboration betweek KI and Helsinki University!
During postdoc I established a European network!

Terrorist corrupt kurdish supported "vänsterpartiet" terrorises ppl at KI! Therefore I can now be found as a spinoff!

Professors at KI belong to mafia! Why you think we got Covid? Because Professors in Europe are corrupt Mafia!
Why you think Kim Wall was killed? Because Denmark is ruled by mafia!

We make use of Open Science because Europe is very much corrupt!

Denmark is not less corrupt than Greece! It just hides its corruption better than Greece!

Aliquam in

Integer ac vehicula eros, sed dictum sapien. Donec dignissim porttitor ante, sit amet placerat dui. Donec mollis vel arcu

Integer ac vehicula eros sed dictum sapien
Proin in lobortis lectus dui
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"Socialdemokraterna – så bygger man en armé | SVT Humor"


" Using new microscopic methods in combination with machine learning-based image analysis, researchers from Freiburg have discovered new structures on the surface of living B cells that affect the distribution and possibly the function of their antigen receptors."


"Researchers studying white blood cells identified an atlas of genes linked to high production and release of the most common type of antibody found in the human body, known as immunoglobulin G."


"Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks"


"3D folding of the genome: Theoretical model helps explain how cell identity is preserved when cells divide"


"Discovery of histidine methylation as a new post-translational modification of histone proteins"


"China’s gene giant harvests data from millions of women

A prenatal test used worldwide sends gene data of pregnant women to the company that developed it with China's military. The U.S. sees a security risk."


"Israel Admits Targeting Ethiopian Jews for Compulsory Contraception
After five years of denials, Israeli government officials have admitted to targeting Ethiopian Jewish immigrant women with long-acting contraceptive injections without their consent. Most of the women were either coerced into accepting the Depo Provera injections while living in Israeli-run transit camps in Ethiopia, or were unaware that the injections produced temporary sterilization."


The designer baby factory: Eggs from beautiful Eastern Europeans, sperm from wealthy Westerners and embryos implanted in desperate women


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