DNA was discovered in 1953!
In 1993 Uppsala University was on top regarding genetics!
Bad leadership and corrupt swedish politicians smashed it into pieces but we are here now 30 years later making that dream come true!
The strength of Uppsala University was its knowledge of methylation and epigenetics!


Genetic dream!
Is a beautiful dream!
It is a dream about democracy!
It is a dream about equality!
No matter how your child was born science should have a solution for it to grow!
Genetic dream!
It is a beautiful dream!
It is the dream of democracy! 



" Cerrina's research interests centered on nanofabrication and genomics, using the technology developed for semiconductor nanofabrication to design new DNA-based molecular constructs."


The genetic dream! Is a beautiful dream! It is a dream about democracy! Equality! It is a dream about a beautiful life!


"Extrachromosal DNA Found to Play a Critical Role in Cancer"


"Extrachromosomal DNA copy number key to high-level oncogene expression"


"Programmable RNA Sensors Enable Cell Editing and Therapeutic Intervention!"


"Human NLRP1 is a sensor for double-stranded RNA"


"Chromosome 9 finally reveals its secrets"
" The effect of the repeat expansion is clearly open to influence. Among those people with the repeat expansion, some experienced only FTD, others showed only muscle weakness, and some had both MND and FTD " 


" New research provides insight about the reason mitochondria — the powerhouse of the cell — pass only from the mother"

" the study found that while mature sperm do carry a small number of mitochondria, they lack intact mtDNA."


Air pollution effects the function of mitochondria!

"Impairment of mitochondrial function by particulate matter: Implications for the brain"


"Effects of airborne pollutants on mitochondrial DNA Methylation"


"In Utero Exposure to Air Pollutants and Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy in Neonates

" This is the first study to show that prenatal NO2 exposure is associated with cord-blood mitochondrial mutations and suggests two critical windows of exposure in mid-to-late pregnancy."


"After years of living with a debilitating disease, Brian McDade of Clinton is finally making sense of a mysterious illness that has afflicted him his entire life.

With the help of the newly-established Division of Genetics and Genomics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, McDade, 42, was diagnosed with the multi-symptomatic genetic disorder, Barth Syndrome."