"Elizabeth Warren's brother has died from coronavirus
Senator Elizabeth Warren's older brother, Donald Reed Herring, has died from coronavirus. Warren said he died on Tuesday. He was 86."

"Helena Sykes, 55, died from Covid-19 in a Melbourne hospital at 4.30am Sunday
  • She spent 10 days in ICU after she and her son Mounir Merai, 17, caught the virus"


"Woman loses both parents to COVID-19, then loses their wedding rings in Queens"
Her father, 72-year-old Roberto Tobias, died on May 30 from the coronavirus. Her mother, 61-year-old Loida Tobias, passed away on June 30.


"Mary-Louise McLaws, epidemiologist who guided Australia through Covid, dies aged 70 from brain cancer"


"Cecilia Romo, Mexican Actress With a Broad Range, Dies at 74"

She played rebellious types, witches and nuns, and she had a gift for comedy. She died of the coronavirus.


"‘They gave her a bed to die in’: family of woman with Down’s Syndrome denied intensive care seek answers from Covid-19 inquiry

Susan Sullivan’s hospital records suggest she was denied potentially life-saving treatment because

 of her disability.


"Anna Majani, Grande Dame of Fine Chocolate, Dies at 85
She turned chocolates from her family company, founded in the 18th century, into design objects.
She died of Covid-19."


"Thomas Macias, a 51-year-old man from California, was being cautious in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Then when restrictions were lifted, he decided to go out, Macias's brother-in-law, Gus Lopez, told CBS News. He later said he regretted it, when he tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a party.

Macias wrote a poignant Facebook post about his regret, urging others to follow safety precautions and take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. One day after writing the post, he died, his family says."


"Immunologist Thomas Hodge Dies of COVID-19 at 69"

" Early in 2020, the Post reports, Hodge decided to eschew retirement and cofounded the CrisiScience Collective, providing a space for researchers studying SARS-CoV-2 to connect and collaborate. Infected with the virus that same year, he later expressed hope that his bout with COVID-19 would protect him from contracting it again, as he couldn’t be vaccinated for medical reasons. But he again developed symptoms of COVID-19 in July 2021. Even from his hospital bed, days before he passed, he met with other scientists he was collaborating with via Zoom." 


"Dentist Ratan of Ratan's Dental dies with Covid-19 symptoms"


" Coronavirus patients who have been hospitalized are far more likely to die of respiratory failure if they suffered from periodontitis before contracting COVID-19, according to an international team of dental researchers."


"Remembering beloved small town dentist Dr. J. Randall Pearce, who died from COVID"


"Remembering them: the doctors who died fighting COVID

Forty-nine UK doctors are known to have lost their lives to COVID, having toiled selflessly for their patients in the face of the pandemic. As a new memorial is unveiled at BMA House in London, Tim Tonkin speaks to the families of some of the departed

 Location: UK    Published: Tuesday 12 April 2022"


"Remembering the UK doctors who have died of covid-19"


"Michael Bennett, Small-Town Doctor Who Pushed for Masks, Dies at 52"