A source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters that there are 15 suspects in all, in addition to the club itself, including club president Andrea Agnelli.

Plusvalenza scandal: Juventus accounts closed by Italy prosecutors after investigation

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Life expectancy drops in pandemic-struck Italy

ROME — Life expectancy for men in some of Italy’s worst-hit provinces in the pandemic dropped by more than four years. ISTAT, Italy’s national statistics bureau, in a report on Monday said that compared with 2019, nationwide life expectancy for those born in 2020 dropped by 1.2 years.

Another life lost as spate of workplace deaths continues

Italy's recent spate of fatal workplace accidents continued on Tuesday with the death of a 36-year-old man at a foundry in San Paolo d'Argon, in the northern province of Bergamo. Regional Emergency Agency AREU said that the man died following a fall at the plant, which produces aluminium components for cars.

Two workers died in Italy on Monday, including an 18-year-old who fell down a gorge on his first day on the job as a game warden. The spate of workplace deaths includes that of Laila El Harim, a 40-year-old woman originally from Morocco who died last week at a plant at Camposanto, in the northern province of Modena, after getting caught up in the machine she was working on. She left behind a four-year-old daughter and her partner.

There was a similar case in May, when another woman, Luana D'Orazio, was snagged by the gears of a textile machine and crushed to death at a plant at Oste di Montemurlo near Prato. She left behind a five-year-old son. (ANSA).

Vaccinato con due dosi di AstraZeneca, muore di Covid: la tragedia di Paolo Di Maro

Paolo Di Maro, 72 anni, noto professionista di Marano, è una nuova vittima del Covid-19. I familiari hanno raccontato che era stato vaccinato con due dosi di AstraZeneca. Si tratta della 78ma vittima maranese del virus dall'inizio della pandemia.

Italian football federation panic after TV crew members test positive for Covid

Fri 9 Jul 2021 14.26 BST

Three TV crew members from the public broadcaster, Rai, who are following Italy’s national team, tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, throwing the country’s football federation into panic and prompting officials to cancel Friday’s face-to-face press conference with the Azzurri.

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