Lafarge Guilty of paying terrorists in Syria!

Make your own conclusions!

At this point I am preparing to release the results of a major investigation we have been undertaking at Renz Law that will demonstrate that SARS-COV2 was in fact created in the Wuhan labs as part of a GoF project.

We believe the investigation demonstrates this in a way that far exceeds a preponderance of the evidence standard and probably exceeds reasonable doubt. With that in mind, and given the result of the the previous coronavirus GoF, can ANYONE possibly argue GoF work on the Spanish Flu is a good idea?

Even the simple recreation of the disease demonstrates an incredible lack of respect for the disaster created by the coronavirus GoF.

Wildlife trafficking on Facebbok despite pledge to fight illegal trade!

Joe Biden keeps saying he wants to make America great again!

The same America that via Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are among

others destroying wildlife on earth!

Terrorist iranian Ramin mirfakhrai is in shape of lawyer responsible

for destroying Sebastian Kurz life!

They destroyed Sebastian Kurz life and the result is that the town

of Graz in austria officially has a mayor who officially is a marxist!

Worst water is neither in ukraina, russia or Africa! It is in Belgium!

Highest breast cancer rate in the world is neither in ukraina or russia or Africa! It is in belgium! Women in belgium are in war with breast cancer!

Toxic food? Israel tops Western charts for poisonous pesticide use

Slöseri att inte satsa på neurologisk rehabilitering!

Topparna åker till fackets ö på semester – betalar inte en krona

Här är fackpamparnas paradis – ön Marholmen i Stockholms skärgård som ägs av Kommunal. Både Kommunals ordförande Annelie Nordström och förbundets kassör och tredje vice ordförande Anders Bergström har semestrat här utan att betala för sig.

Ryskfödd Åbopolitiker sprider desinformation om ukrainare – har i flera år svartmålat och skapat splittring

Leena Kaunislahti är boven i dramat!

Hon kan göra så här för att finskfödda Rosemarie Koivisto i många år fick mest lön

i Åbo pga hon sålde sin själ åt terrorist iranier och för att Sauli Niinistö sålde

sin själ åt terrorist Irland för att kunna bli president!

och för att Ritva Blomqvist från Lovisa är en terrorist och pedofil och ansvarig för

inbördeskrig i Sverige och Finland!

Marcus Fairs is dead!

It was November 2006 when Marcus Fairs founded from his bedroom Dezeen, an all-digital native platform destined to become among the most influential architecture and design webmagazines.

Fairs left us on Thursday, June 30, at the age of 54.

Oroväckande minskning för världens gråvalar

Radon skandal i Sverige!

Nu när folk vill spara energi och tätar sina hus så riskerar de

och få cancer pga Radon!

Alzheimer research scandal

Long accepted fact about Alzheimer shows to be wrong!

Chlamydia lung infection!

Italy has reported that 86% of those who died from covid had lung infection

caused by Chlamydia! Has any of our politicians talked about this loud and clearly!No!

Why not! Why does no one care!

The infection rate in muslim country is as high as non-muslim which shows

that Chlamydia infection in muslim countries is as high as non-muslims!

In other words it shows all those ppl who claim to be muslims only pretend to be!

they do exactly the same stuff as non-muslim and now you got to pretend so that

they sell you their oil!

No one wants to live in reality! They all pretend to be good in reality they all

want to have sex the way Jeffrey Epstein did and the way he humiliated every university from Harvard to down to others in africa!

Dr Briant insists that “Oxford University can’t hide its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, nor can it hide its Argentine connection”.

Exposed Again: Donkeys Abused and Slaughtered for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our 2022 MOOC courses will show you that basic education should be 14 years, you get bachelor after 12 years and a master after 14 years! University is only for obtaining PhD!

Stay tuned! It is going to be mega awsome because we do science because we love science not because we sold ourselves to Nazi people or communist people or terrorist iranians or jewish mafia! We do it because we love the god who created us all ! Nature was 100% created on gods love!Corruption free!!

Jeffrey Epstein’s Long Shadow A journalist tried to tell the story in 2008. No one wanted to hear it.

Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff's research on child sex trafficking led her to Jeffrey Epstein. As someone who knew Epstein and travelled in his circles, she had unique access to unique information.

Her research persuaded Sarnoff that Jeffrey Epstein was involved in blackmail that reached all the way to Buckingham Palace.

The unfortunate truth about Chinese slavery!

People claim they care for well being , their actions shows they only care for money!

Anthony Fauci funded gain of function and created covid tragedy! Sapienza University in Rome gave him a medal! Anthony Fauci and Sapienza University are alive while this woman has to live with covid tragedy!

Complete farce’: UN accused of allowing Coca-Cola ‘unchallenged platform’ for ‘greenwashing’ at Cop27 climate summit

Homo Sapiens has rediculated planet earth!

He’s a Stanford professor and a Nobel laureate. Critics say he was dangerously misleading on Covid

His name was Michael Levitt. His credentials were stellar

— an endowed Stanford professorship, one-third of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry — but utterly unrelated to infectious disease outbreaks.

He’d won his honors with the computer-programming work he’d done in the 1960s and 70s, revealing the intricate origami of proteins, modeling how they fold and form the tiny machinery of life.

Prior to those papers, the chair of the Nobel selection committee had said, studying chemical reactions was “like seeing all the actors before Hamlet and all the dead bodies after, and then you wonder what happened in the middle.”

Levitt and his colleagues had described “the whole drama,” showing how each character died.

Enligt Safeguard Defenders rapport har det kinesiska poliskontoret sin adress på ett hotell i västra Stockholm. Hotellets ägare pekas ut som kontorets kontaktperson

Svenska banker fortsätter pumpa in miljarder till oljebolag i Arktis

Tre storbanker i Sverige har ökat sitt stöd till bolag som letar efter olja och gas i Arktis. En ny granskning visar att kryphål i bankernas klimatriktlinjer har gjort att de kunnat fortsätta att pumpa in miljarder i lån till bolagen.

EU Commission Has Known for Years about Manipluation

The European Commission insists that it knew nothing about diesel emissions manipulations perpetrated by Volkswagen and other automobile manufacturers. Documents obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE show otherwise.

Taiteilijat vaativat Kiasmaa luopumaan yhteistyöstä miljardööri ”Poju” Zabludowiczin kanssa

Lisäksi Anita ja ”Poju” Zabludowicz lahjoittivat Kiasmalle vuonna 2017 brittitaiteilija Ed Atkinsin videoteoksen.

Lahjoituksen arvon kerrottiin olevan kuusinumeroinen.

Dom tog vårt Land! Dom tog vår själ!

Julia Rensberg, styrelseledamot i Sáminuorra, talar om hur koloniseringen och tvångskristnandet påverkar samer än i dag. –

Det söks efter en samisk identitet som har försvunnit en eller två generationer bakåt. Många har inte vågat berätta för sina barn om sin samiska uppväxt.

Vi måste lära oss mer om historien för att kunna läka, säger hon. Hon pratar om historien och hur Svenska kyrkan tagit samisk mark och än i dag använder den. –

Så länge kyrkan anser sig ha rätt att bestämma om samiskt territorium, så länge låter man koloniseringen fortsätta, säger hon.

Företaget Allas Sea Pool kräver 2,7 miljoner euro som ersättning av rederiet Viking Line, på grund av att Viking Gabriella rammade kajen i januari. Summan ska täcka bortfall av intäkter och byggandet av de tillfälliga basturna som flyter på vattenytan.

Viking Line vill inte betala

judisk maffia

Hör och häpna!

Judiska maffian var lika stor som den italienska maffian!

I statens budget för 2022 finns inget anslag för radonbidraget. Det innebär att det inte finns några pengar för Länsstyrelsen att besluta om eller betala ut bidrag. Bidraget går därför inte längre att söka.Däremot finns det pengar och betala Stefan Löfvens fallskärm samt höjda löner för riksdagsledamöter!

“Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has some of the most severe radon problems in the country,” says Robert K. Lewis, radon program manager with the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). “It’s in every county north, south, east, and west, although certain areas of the state are more severe.”

Kodin radonpitoisuudet kannattaa mitata talvella – STUK: Syöpää aiheuttavan kaasun määrän saa selville mustalla pienellä purkilla

More details emerge about face mask scandal, minister was involved

More details have been emerging about a controversial government agreement to spend €100 mn on face masks at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and which made three young entrepreneurs millionaires.

Surprise! Coca-Cola-funded research says sugary drinks aren't all that bad for you

Justin Trudeau is a dangerous man! He is dangerous the way nuclear waste is dangerous!As we all know Justin has a Y-chromosome and men are totally obsessed with nuclear power! Tragedy is that Trudeau's wife is not intelligent enough to understand that Justin will kill children in canada with nuclear waste! Men like Trudeau exist because women in general are not intelligent enough to see the evil in a man!

On March 18 in Saint John, the federal government handed $50.5 million in taxpayer funds to a private company from the UK, Moltex Energy, to develop a technology that proposes to extract plutonium from used nuclear fuel from the Point Lepreau reactor on the Bay of Fundy.

During the announcement, presenters including Premier Higgs referred to the technology as “recycling,” despite the fact that less than one percent of the material in the used nuclear fuel will be available as fuel for the Moltex reactor.

Experts on nuclear waste have raised alarms about the process, pointing out that the process will create new, toxic liquid radioactive waste streams that will be very difficult and expensive to manage.

Allison Macfarlane, the former chairperson of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a specialist in the storage of nuclear waste, said no one has yet proven that it's possible or viable to reprocess nuclear waste and lower the cost and risks of storage.

"Nobody knows what the numbers are, and anybody who gives you numbers is selling you a bridge to nowhere because they don't know," said Macfarlane, now the director of the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia.

Canada’s shameful history of nutrition research on residential school children

A food historian and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario), revealed details of highly unethical nutrition experiments performed on Canadian Aboriginal children at six residential schools between 1942 and 1952 – our own medical atrocities.

The experiments were performed by the Department of Indian Affairs of Canada under the direction of two physicians: Dr Percy Moore, the Indian Affairs Branch Superintendent of Medical Services, and Dr Frederick Tisdall, a famed nutritionist, a former president of the Canadian Paediatric Society and one of three paediatricians at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Ontario) who developed Pablum infant cereal in the 1930s.

In these experiments, parents were not informed, nor were consents obtained.

Even as children died, the experiments continued.

Even after the recommendations from the Nuremberg trial, these experiments continued


Covid in Canada is a total disaster because medicine in canada is a disaster!

These people are communist! They lack belief of god!

Hot of the press! And we got a Nobel Prize winner involved!

Hypoxia has attracted considerable attention due to its potential role in disease pathogenesis and clinical relevance for cancer therapies.

However, given the number of potential fabrications, researchers may need to re-evaluate the role of hypoxia in disease, much like how the role of amyloid beta in Alzheimer’s disease has been thrown into question following the discovery of possible misconduct by Lesne et al. earlier this year.

Image manipulation not only brings the results of a study into question, but also damages our trust in the results of a whole research area.

I have a bit insider information for you guys!

Åbo Academy has corrupt biologists who lack human anatomy knowledge

but are very much connected and black mailing Nobel Committee! They pushed

for hypoxia in order to make themselves important!

Basen för hållbarhet är människovärdighet!

Case study Pernilla Wahlgren!

Pernilla saknar människovärdihet, hennes italienska kille slog skiten

ur henne! Hon födde ungar som en kossa för att behålla en kille!

Och hon dansar och sjunger som om jorden bestod av avskum!

Chinese spy duo charged in Huawei case as US condemns ‘egregious’ interference

Iranska terroristen Ali Khorshidi kom från Göteborg, skapades kaos på KI mha tjeckien och Säpo "supporta" allt för detta gynnar Jacob Wallenberg!

Junk Science! Junk Food! Time to talk about Junk Culture! All these crap movies they make that are full of sadism should have logo junk culture on!

Brett Favre fraud scandal gets another twist with bombshell revelations about drug companies

Finnish universities are no better!

Kirsi Jauhnikainen at Turku University is 100% corrupt! Her husband is alcoholic

Both she and her husband get huge amounts of money because they blackmail

people the way Jeffrey Epstein blackmailed people!

Li Andersson är schizofren!

Li Andersson förbjuder skolelever och använda mobiltelefon

i klassrummen men själv sitter hon i riksdagen och glor i sin

mobiltelefon när andra debatterar!

Li Andersson is clearly schizophrenic!

Homo Sapiens in UK seems to be extremely violent and dangerous!

Trauer im Zoo Dortmund: Älteste Ameisenbärin der Welt is tot! RIP Sandra!

RIP Ameisenbärin Sandra!

A billionaire emits a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person, a study has found. The report published by the British-founded charity Oxfam Monday based its findings on detailed analysis of the investments of 125 of the world’s richest billionaires.

Billionaires emit a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person, study finds

Now you know why Milano has such bad air quality! Too many Billionairs living there!

5 Popular Tampon Brands — Including Two Labeled ‘Organic’ — Test Positive for Evidence of Toxic PFAS Chemicals

Dr Briant insists that “Oxford University can’t hide its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, nor can it hide its Argentine connection”.

Mats saknar kompetens samt trovärdighet!

Mats Ljungqvist saknar trovärdighet!

Det handlar inte om sabotage, det handlar om maktkrig!

Av någon anledning har storbritanien alltid velat ha makt över östersjön!

Alla vet att de sprängde nordstream för att säga att de har makten och göra så!

Galenskap hos Ursula von der Leyen! Ursula von der Leyen ist verrueckt!

Hypotesprövning: Ursula von der Leyen är lika galen som Hitler och vill

göra det som Hitler ej kunde utföra!

Undersökningsmetoder: Observationer samt "insider information"

Pandemin i Europa hanterades som en galning! När gamlingar dog som flugor

i Lambordia i Italien var Ursula tyst som en mus men hon blev stor i käften

när man skulle skaffa vaccin eländet från Pfizer! Samma vaccin som finns

för att tyskarna "pushade" för den!

Nu har galningen Ursula von der Leyen förklarat kärnkraft som "grön" och hon

pushar alla och täta sina hus så att de dör från Radon!

Vi drar slutsatsen att Ursula von der Leyen är lika galen som Hitler!

Hon gör allt detta så folk glömmer att tyskarna håller på och och skaffar sig

en jätte arme som de gjorde under 2:a världskriget!

Ursula von der Leyen ist verrueckt!

Den dagen då Ursula von der Leyen äntligen dör bort kommer Bryssel

och ha en fyrverkeri och fira det faktum att galningen Ursula von der Leyen äntligen

är död och borta!

Varför hatar Ursula Europa? För att hon är en piga! Turkiet visade

henne klart och tydligt att hon är en piga!

Prominent biologist David Sabatini out at MIT after breaching sexual relationship policy “Significant concerns” also found about behavior to lab members

Så här gör man i USA! Hur gör vi i Norden?

Galningen John Eriksson jobbar med hypoxia och det är han som "pushade"

så att 2019 korrupta hypoxia forskning fick Nobelpriset!

Samma forskning som nu ifrågasätts pga fusk!

Han gjorde detta för att

göra sig viktig pga han som en kort man känner sig oviktig bland andra män!

Sättet som vi öppnade dörrar för kineser i början av 90-talet var en galen

mans påfund vars namn är Jacob Wallenberg! Wallenberg förstörde Pharmacia

mha USA och araber för att "pusha" för AstraZeneca som på 90-talet

hette Astra och var helsvensk! Wallenberg äger en stor del av Astra!

Galenskap hos John Eriksson vid Åbo Akademi!

Hypotesprövning: John Eriksson är galen i huvudet pga

han är kort och känner sig inte som den man han vill vara

Undersökningsmetod: Observationer samt "insider knowledge"

Följande observerades: John Eriksson har utnyttjat EU samt kvinnor

för att uppnå positioner och "fyrk" i massor som en galning.

Han struntar i vetenskap och kunskap, han bara tar och tar och tar!

David Sabatini i USA, den stora mTOR mannen fick sota men John Eriksson

har till och med fått hjälp av kina för att förtrycka kvinnor och sno mTOR iden!

Han är biolog men förtrycker alla läkare pga han saknar kunskap om människans anatomi.

Hans enorma galenskap kan delvis förklaras med att han pga kort längd saknar

identitetskänsla som en äkta man på en nivå som är lika galen som Hitler var!

Galenskap hos Hugo Lagercrantz!

Hypotespröving: Hugo Lagercrantz är galen i huvudet pga han som 2-åring

förlorade sin biologiska mor samt för att han är jude och saknar patriot känsla

med Sverige!

Undersökningsmetod: Observationer samt "insider knowledge!

Följande observerades:

Hugo Lagercrantz fattar sig noll på neurofysiologi trots att hans handlerdare

var nobelpristagaren von Euler! Han betalar aldrig lön åt någon. Han hatar kvinnor,

feminism för honom är ett skällsord!

Han fuckade upp hårtarbetande forskares jobb från Frankrike!

Han är personligen vän med Jean-Pierre Changeux och ville med våld

under pandemin komma på en covid lösning mha korruption!

Med tanke på att han är högt uppsatt adel och hade höguppsatta bankfolk bak i släkten

så drar vi slutsatsen att hans galenskap samt kvinnohat är för att han förlorade

en mors äkta kärlek då hon dog bort när han endast var 2 år gammal.

Säpo,polis samt tulltjänstemän i Sverige är ett skämt så länge

som galningen hugo lagercrantz och galningen jacob wallenberg lever!

Den dagen då Hugo Lagercrantz äntligen dör bort kommer stockholm

stad ha en fyrverkeri och fira nyheten att galningen Hugo Lagercrantz äntligen

är död och borta!

Retraction for Gilkes et al., Hypoxia-inducible factors mediate coordinated RhoA-ROCK1 expression and signaling in breast cancer cells

I did about 6 months research on RhoA, nothing these people said

could be repeated or made true!

Stay tuned for my cancer review!

I will show you what is real!

Sahlgrenska har forskat på flera småbarn utan att ha tillstånd för det. Ett spädbarn genomgick flera misslyckade försök och väntar nu på en levertransplantation. En nioårig flicka kommer att behöva livslång övervakning

Därför ljuger Kristersson hejvilt om vår kärnkraft Tyska elkapitalister stängde Oskarshamn 1 och 2

Norsk studie: Vaccin stoppar inte långtidscovid

— Det är egentligen väldigt överraskande, säger läkaren och forskaren Arne Søraas till Aftenposten, och beskriver resultatet som "trista".

Vaccinen ger ett "fantastiskt skydd" mot allvarlig sjukdom och sjukhusinläggningar, men skyddar inte mot andra covidrelaterade bekymmer som koncentrationsproblem, utmattning, att det är tungt att andas och förändringar i smak och lukt.

By 2030 graphene will be as disruptive as silicon chips were back in the early 1960s

Sanna Marin is uneducated! She does not understand that graphene is the future and that russian scientists gave us graphene!

Sauli Niinistö will soon join you! He is a bit late because he is in a breadline! Li Andersson has got a blood clot and Anna-Maja Henriksson has had her 12th stroke!

Resign Sanna Marin!

RIP Ulf!

På samma sätt som Ulf Lönnqvist levde i en illusion så lever Ulf Kristersson

i en illusion! Ulf är ansvarig för stulna barn som har adopterats i Sverige!

Barn är kärast hos gud och människor som Ulf som skadar barn är guds fiender

överallt här på jorden!

De falska coronadokumenten är en vidrig skandal! Fria ordKommer alla övriga svenska läkarintyg med negativa testresultat att överhuvudtaget godkännas utomlands framöver?

Göteborg är full med galningar!

Därav dessa vidriga skandaler! Göteborgare är lika galna som hitler tyskar!

The beta-amyloid theory in Alzheimer’s disease took another hit Monday when Roche announced that gantenerumab failed to meet the primary endpoint in two Phase III studies.

Gregg Semenza: real Nobel Prize and unreal research data

Här är Finlands enda labb som utvecklar vårdmetoder mot ”den tysta pandemin” – hotas av nedläggning

Däremot får kunskaps centret i staden Kaarina nära Åbo massor

med miljoner för att staden Kaarina är korrupt och har sålt sig själv

åt terrorist iranier!

Enough Commercial Fishing Gear Lost in Ocean Each Year to Stretch to Moon and Back

Amazon’s Plastic Packaging Problem Is Growing, Oceana Report Finds

Familienministerin Giffey tritt zurück

Franziska Giffey (SPD) hat die Bundeskanzlerin um Entlassung aus ihrem Amt als Bundesministerin für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend gebeten. Grund ist nach eigenen Angaben die anhaltende Diskussion über Giffeys Doktorwürde.

Größter Eisberg der Welt hat sich gelöst

Der Koloss ist größer als Mallorca: In der Antarktis ist ein riesiger Eisberg ins Meer gekracht.

Forscher entdeckten ihn vom All aus.

Die "wissenschaftliche Katastrophe" um Ministerin Aschbacher weitet sich aus

"Annahmen sind wie Seepocken an der Seite eines Bootes; sie verlangsamen uns", schreibt Aschbacher in ihrer Dissertationsarbeit auf Seite 55.

Die Journalistin Corinna Milborn fand das Sprachbild seltsam und fand heraus, dass es offenbar aus einem Artikel des Wirtschaftsmagazins Forbes stammt, der nur in der Fußnote vorkommt, und offenbar zuerst mit Google-Translator übersetzt und dann im Wesentlichen in der Arbeit übernommen wurde.

Das führte wohl auch dazu, dass Aschbacher in ihrer Dissertation angibt, für ihre wissenschaftliche Arbeit mit "Hunderten von Teams" zusammengearbeitet zu haben.

'Barbaric' tests on monkeys lead to calls for closure of German lab

Shocking footage shows conditions ‘clearly breach’ EU standards on animal welfare, say campaigners

Henrik Enderlein ist tot

Er wurde nur 46 Jahre alt: Henrik Enderlein ist an Krebs gestorben. Der Ökonom und ehemalige Präsident der Hertie School of Governance war ein Verfechter der europäischen Idee

Tragedy! In memory!

Gian Luca Baranduns tragischer Unfalltod im Alter von gerade mal 24 Jahren bestürzt die Schweiz.

Der Bündner Skifahrer, der zum Alpin-A-Kader gehört hatte, ist am Sonntagvormittag mit dem Gleitschirm tödlich verunglückt. Der «Südostschweiz» zufolge war der Speed-Spezialist am Sonntag kurz vor 11 Uhr von Ladir nach Schluein auf einem Schulungsflug unterwegs. Ein missglücktes Manöver soll schliesslich dazu geführt haben, dass der 24-Jährige zu tief geriet und auf das Wiesland unweit des Landeplatzes stürzte. Dabei wurde der Bündner so schwer verletzt, dass er noch an der Unfallstelle verstarb.

Markus Egen ist tot!

Füssener Eishockey-Legende Markus Egen ist tot Als Trainer betreute er das deutsche Eishockeyteam, als Spieler gewann er unter anderem 1953 WM-Silber. Zur Legende aber wurde er in seiner Heimat Füssen.

Nun ist Markus Egen im Alter von 93 Jahren gestorben.

Brasilien kämpft gegen Jahrhunderthochwasser

Historische Hochwasserstände haben im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Amazonas etliche Menschen aus ihren Häusern vertrieben.

Mehr als 450.000 Menschen sind von Überschwemmungen betroffen.

Peter ist gestorben

Der VfL Wolfsburg trauert um Peter Ament. Der ehemalige Kapitän der Niedersachsen ist in der Nacht zum Samstag im Alter von 63 Jahren gestorben.

In deutschen Grills wird Tropenholz verfeuert

Berlin. In deutschen Grills kommt offenbar häufig Tropenholz zum Einsatz, ohne dass die Verbraucher von dessen bedenklicher Herkunft wissen. Das geht aus einer Antwort der Bundesregierung auf eine schriftliche Frage der Grünen hervor, die unserer Zeitung vorliegt.

Nach Angaben des Bundeslandwirtschaftsministeriums werden pro Jahr durchschnittlich 236.000 Tonnen Holzkohle in Deutschland verbraucht – davon werden 95 Prozent nach Deutschland importiert. ANZEIGE

Tessiner Architektenschule» trauert um ihr Aushängeschild: Luigi Snozzi ist tot

Der bekannte Tessiner Architekt und Intellektuelle Luigi Snozzi ist im Alter von 88 Jahren verstorben.

Ein Freund der Familie bestätigt am Dienstag gegenüber CH Media den Todesfall.

Moto3-Fahrer Jason Dupasquier an Unfallfolgen verstorben

Am Ende des Qualifyings stürzte Dupasquier am Ausgang von Kurve 9 (Arrabbiata 2) per Highsider. Ayumu Sasaki, der direkt dahinter war, konnte nicht ausweichen und erwischte Dupasquier im Bereich des Kopfes und des Oberkörpers. Anschließend wurde er auch von Jeremy Alcoba getroffen.

Auch Sasaki und Alcoba stürzten, blieben aber unverletzt. Die Sorge galt Dupasquier, der reglos auf der Strecke lag. Das Training wurde sofort abgebrochen.

Cum-ex: UK bankers sentenced in Germany's biggest tax fraud case

A "cum-ex" scheme, also known as dividend stripping, is a tax avoidance scheme. The two UK bankers organized sham share trades to claim tax rebates twice. In the scheme, investors rely on the sale of borrowed shares right before an investor is required to pay dividends. The technical legalities around the trial have led to the case being branded "the most complicated" tax fraud case in history.

The conviction of the two bankers may be used as a precedent in similar trials, with such tax arrangements often toeing the line between legal loopholes and illegal activity.

The €14 million which Martin S. has been ordered to pay only makes up only a small proportion of the over €400 million which the two men amassed through their dealing.

Authorities doubt whether they will ever be able to recover the rest of the money.

The robbery of the century: the cum-ex trading scandal and why it matters

It has been called “the robbery of the century”.

Martin Shields and Nicholas Diable, two British investment bankers, are on trial in Germany for helping structure a massive tax evasion scheme, known as cum-ex trading, that has siphoned up to €55 billion (about US$60 billion or A$90 billion) from European public funds. Let’s put that in perspective.

Vad är det mest ohållbara globalt sett?

Punkt 3 (Garantera ett hälsosamt liv och uppmuntra välmående för alla åldrar) i agenda 2030 är mycket svårt att uppfylla. Korona krisen har visat att löneskillnader mellan könen ökar. Konkurs av företag har ökat. 1% av jordens befolkning som tillhör de absolut rikaste har ökat sina inkomster medan de som har svårast måste klara av livhanken mha koronastöd i EU samt stimulanspaket i USA.Både EU samt USA har enorma skuldberg som ökar lavinartad dag för dag.De som har det svårast och ej kan jobba på distans trots korona risk ha fått jobba med ohållbara och otrygga arbets förhållanden.Ledningsprocessen av vaccinering i EU har enbart upplevt elände och fördröjningar.Korruption i samhället har ökat och journalister som rapporterar om missförhållanden befinner sig många gånger i svåra livssituationer.Någon strategi för hur folk skall klara livhanken 2021-2030 har ej tagits fram av myndigheterdå de tycks måsta planera veckovis eller månadsvis istället för årsbasis. Själva sättet och leda vaccinationsprocessen visar tydliga spår av att våra flesta ledare tycks vara mer eller mindre autistiska och sakna kapacitet och leva i verkligheten.Med andra ord en förutsättning för att kunna uppfylla punkt 3 i agenda 2030 är att våra ledare bör ha friska hjärnor som kan förstå skillnaden mellan verklighet och fantasi.

Cum-ex: UK bankers sentenced in Germany's biggest tax fraud case

A "cum-ex" scheme, also known as dividend stripping, is a tax avoidance scheme. The two UK bankers organized sham share trades to claim tax rebates twice. In the scheme, investors rely on the sale of borrowed shares right before an investor is required to pay dividends. The technical legalities around the trial have led to the case being branded "the most complicated" tax fraud case in history.

The conviction of the two bankers may be used as a precedent in similar trials, with such tax arrangements often toeing the line between legal loopholes and illegal activity.

The €14 million which Martin S. has been ordered to pay only makes up only a small proportion of the over €400 million which the two men amassed through their dealing.

Authorities doubt whether they will ever be able to recover the rest of the money.

The robbery of the century: the cum-ex trading scandal and why it matters

It has been called “the robbery of the century”.

Martin Shields and Nicholas Diable, two British investment bankers, are on trial in Germany for helping structure a massive tax evasion scheme, known as cum-ex trading, that has siphoned up to €55 billion (about US$60 billion or A$90 billion) from European public funds. Let’s put that in perspective.


The Cum/Ex procedures are progressing, with German prosecutors taking numerous financial institutions to courts, and financial institutions suing each other for the costs and responsibilities.

ICAP is now entangled in a web of litigation, as its ‘arms-length trades’ are much more than simple coincidences.

Climate Crisis: Level of Italy's Alpine lakes at all-time low

Lake Como is at 9% of its normal full capacity

while Lake Maggiore is at 19%,

Lake Garda at 22%,

and Lake 'd'Iseo at 8%

It Goes From Bad to Worse with Franco Dragone

Franco Dragone, who became famous the world over with his Cirque du Soleil creations, is on the verge of bankruptcy. His real estate portfolio in Belgium has also been confiscated.

The production company of the 65-year-old businessman from La Louvière, Productions du Dragone, has been facing financial problems for several years. In recent months, the situation has only become more difficult. A large number of employees, including communication staff and IT specialists, have been dismissed.

Of the 31 employees at the beginning of this year, 19 are still working, half of whom have been given notice of dismissal. Although the management told the staff that it wanted to keep activity in La Louvière, the socialist trade union believes that a closure is imminent. The SudPresse newspapers also take into account the relocation of activities to the Canadian subsidiary in Montreal.

Money laundering

Fraud issues also play tricks on Dragone. At the end of 2015, Dragone was suspected of tax fraud and money laundering. The confiscation by the Belgian state of his real estate portfolio – said to involve several houses, apartments and land – takes place in the context of this fraud case. The court wants to prevent Dragone from taking the neighbourhood abroad.

Wikipedia just gives you glorified info until 2017.Above information covers his disaster fraud mafia life!

Strax före jul offentliggjordes en kritisk granskning av den strategiska styrningen av polisens avdelning NFC.

Den hade gjorts av tre erfarna revisorer, men ändrades efter kritiska synpunkter från NFC-chefen Helena Trolläng.
Resultatet: ingen av de tre revisorerna ville ha sitt namn på rapporten



Mafia! Corruption! Built by spanish mafia!


Myglarkulturen kring Nya Karolinska måste utredas

Nya Karolinska är en skandal och en miljardrullning som saknar motstycke. Kostnaden blir 8 miljarder mer än planerat och samtidigt har vare sig tjänstemän, politiker eller allmänhet insyn i hur skattemedlen används.

Härvan är en svart komedi som måste utredas.

Nu ser vi effekterna av det liberala skolbygget

Att drygt 14 procent av Sveriges elever inte har gymnasiebehörighet är en humanitär, samhällelig och ekonomisk katastrof.

Carbon Dioxide, Which Drives Climate Change, Reaches Highest Level In 4 Million Years

The amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere reached 419 parts per million in May, its highest level in more than four million years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced on Monday.

After dipping last year because of pandemic-fueled lockdowns, emissions of greenhouse gases have begun to soar again as economies open and people resume work and travel.

The newly released data about May carbon dioxide levels show that the global community so far has failed to slow the accumulation of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, NOAA said in its announcement.

UK ranked last in Europe for bathing water quality in 2020

Swimmers in the UK hoping to enjoy waters certified clean and healthy this summer have been let down again. Only 110 coastal and inland sites were judged excellent in the latest bathing water quality data from Europe’s environmental watchdog. Most of the UK’s bathing sites were not classified in 2020, however, because Covid-19 restrictions prevented sampling.

This meant that out of 640 sites, 457 received no verdict in the rankings, compiled annually by the European Environment Agency and published on Tuesday.

US oil spill: 'Bad management' led to BP disaster

Don Boesch, a member of the investigating commission, told the BBC's World Today programme they had identified "a whole sequence of poor decisions with unfortunate consequences when put together".

He said that not all the faults lay with BP, although the company did have overall responsibility.

We still don’t know the full impacts of the BP oil spill, 10 years later

The BP oil spill of 2010 started suddenly, explosively, and with deadly force. But the response has stretched out for years and scientists say there’s still much more we need to learn.

As a crew on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig worked to close up an exploratory oil well deep under the Gulf of Mexico, a pulse of gas shot up, buckling the drill pipe. The emergency valve designed to cap the well in case of an accident, the “blowout protector,” failed, and the gas reached the drill rig, triggering an explosion that killed 11 crewmembers.

Over the next three months, the uncapped well leaked more than 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools of oil into the Gulf’s waters, making it the biggest oil spill in United States history. The leak pumped out 12 times more oil than the Exxon Valdez spill of 1989.

Miljontals liter bajsvatten forsar ut i Öresund

Just nu forsar 700 000 liter orenat avloppsvatten i timmen ut i Öresund vid danska Skovshoved.

Anledningen är brott på en avloppsvattenledning som man ännu inte lyckats laga.

Företaget Novafos som har hand om ledningarna upptäckte i slutet på förra veckan att en av dem var sönder.

Upptäckten gjordes när man skulle flytta en avloppsledning vid Svanemøllen för att göra plats för den kommande Nordhavstunneln.

Det var dock först under måndagen som man upptäckte att felet gör att det orenade avloppsvattnet pumpas till ett regnvattensystem och släpps rakt ut i Öresund.

Det rapporterar TV2 Lorry.

Ciao Luigi! Ciao Mario!

Ny sopskandal hotar Botkyrka – gifter kan spridas i vattnet

Trots brister – kommunen kontrollerade inte vattnet Nu visar det sig att sopberget svällt över sin tillåtna storlek och blockerar totalt nio brunnar. Och när markägaren kontrollerar en av brunnarna, på uppmaning av polisen, saknas partikelfilter helt. Därmed finns risk att kemikalier och oljespill går rakt ut i grundvattentäkten Uttran – vilket i värsta fall kan påverka dricksvattnet för boende i Botkyrka och Salem.

Poland told to halt brown coal mine near border with Czech Republic

Poland must immediately stop extracting brown coal at a mine on the border with the Czech Republic and Germany, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

March the Czech Republic filed for an injunction, saying the Turow open-cast lignite mine drains groundwater away from surrounding areas and is harming Czech citizens.

Global Crime!


God Bless!



Ciao Elisabetta!

Disaster! Tough Life!

Ciao Ursula!

Tough Life!


Så här återvinner du dina linser och linsförpackningar

Vi hoppas att du redan nu återvinner dina linsförpackningar. Men har du kanske tvekat för att du inte vet hur du sopsortera dem? Lugn, här kommer tips och råd för hur dina linser och linsförpackningar ska återvinnas.

Nyhet! Lämna in dina använda linser och linsförpackningar .

97% blir garanterat återvunnet när du lämnar in dina använda linser och linsförpackningar .

När kontaktlinserna och plastlinsförpackningarna är insamlade skickar vi dem till TerraCycling. Där strimlas de samt (om nödvändigt) tvättas.

Materialet smälts därefter ner för att bli användbart råmaterial, exempelvis plastpellets. Dessa råmaterial kan användas till nya återvunna plastprodukter.

Om SSF Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning

Om SSF Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning, SSF, finansierar forskning inom naturvetenskap, teknik och medicin med ungefär 700 miljoner kronor om året.

SSF är en fri, oberoende aktör inom det offentliga forskningsfinansieringssystemet.

Enligt stadgarna ska SSF stödja forskning inom naturvetenskap, teknik och medicin. Stiftelsen ska främja utvecklingen av starka forskningsmiljöer av högsta internationella klass med betydelse för utvecklingen av Sveriges framtida konkurrenskraft.

Stiftelsen kommer att selektera forskningsprojekten efter två huvudkriterier: – Relevans och förväntat genomslag i samhället – Vetenskaplig kvalitet.

If susPhos ( to expand to nordic countries they should market themselves as a strategic research facility

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susPhos stands for sustainability and the green deal!

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har patent för att återanvända fosfor, de har också kunskap angående återanvändning

av kväve!

Xintang has a problem

Southern China’s million-tonne raw sewage problem Untreated waste water is pouring into the Pearl River Delta, with only about a third of rivers in Guangdong province meeting minimum standards, environmental watchdog says


Föreningen Rena Mälaren dyker året runt, på olika platser i Stockholm.

Här dyker de efter skräp på havsbotten – hittar elsparkcyklar, däck och kassaskåp

Report: China emissions exceed all developed nations combined

The research by Rhodium Group says China emitted 27% of the world's greenhouse gases in 2019. The US was the second-largest emitter at 11% while India was third with 6.6% of emissions, the think tank said.

Scientists warn that without an agreement between the US and China it will be hard to avert dangerous climate change.

How Recycling Paper Fights Global Warming

For every ton of recovered paper that is converted into new recycled paperboard for packaging and other end uses, 3.6 million metric tons of CO2 emissions are eliminated.

Recycling paper reduces emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming in three important ways.

You can make 100% recycled paper at home. Here’s how!

TrashBot does the recycling for us:

Luckily, technology is here to help us with innovative robotic solutions that make recycling as efficient as possible and keep waste out of the environment.

Most plastic is not getting recycled, and AI robots could be a solution

Endast en tredjedel av den plast vi sorterar återvinns, resten bränns upp

Yles granskning visar att endast en tredjedel av vårt plastavfall återvinns – avfallsbolag: "Sluta inte sortera ditt plastavfall!"

För plastförpackningarnas del ligger ansvaret alltså på Suomen Uusiomuovi, som skickar avfallet till Fortums enhet i Riihimäki.

Tidigare meddelade Fortum att till och med 75 procent av plastavfallet återvinns.

I verkligheten återvinns endast en tredjedel av avfallet, visar MOT:s granskning.

Free Transport; cases in Germany

These German Cities Are Making Public Transport Free to Fight Pollution

Free transport, cases in France

Discover the most charming French towns where you can travel on public transport free of charge: from the war town of Dunkirk to the quaint Compiègne town on the Oise River. There has never been a better time to visit France.

Free Transport, the Tallin case

From the beginning of January 2013, Tallinn is the first capital in the EU to provide free public transport to its citizens. To be entitled to freely use public transport in Tallinn, citizens of Tallinn have to purchase the so-called ‘green card’ (EUR 2) and personalise it. People from outside Tallinn can also buy the ‘green card’ which enables them to load the needed amount of money to use public transport.

German railway claims Greta lied!

Greta is guilty of lying!

No Bees! No Life! No Glyfosate pls!

Climate mess by Koch Brothers!

David is dead now but Koch brother are one of the big reasons we have climate mess!

Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire Together, Charles and David Koch control one of the world’s largest fortunes, which they are using to buy up our political system. But what they don’t want you to know is how they made all that money

The volume of Koch Industries’ toxic output is staggering. According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute, only three companies rank among the top 30 polluters of America’s air, water and climate: ExxonMobil, American Electric Power and Koch Industries. Thanks in part to its 2005 purchase of paper-mill giant Georgia-Pacific, Koch Industries dumps more pollutants into the nation’s waterways than General Electric and International Paper combined. The company ranks 13th in the nation for toxic air pollution. Koch’s climate pollution, meanwhile, outpaces oil giants including Valero, Chevron and Shell. Across its businesses, Koch generates 24 million metric tons of greenhouse gases a year.

Förbudet ska skydda hälsa och miljö och gäller bruk i trädgårdar, kolonilotter, skolgårdar och parker.

Från 1 oktober förbjuds privat användning av ogräsmedlet glyfosat och tre slags insektsmedel.

Towards New Solutions

Tunisians demand Italy take back waste

3 Experts Have Resigned From An FDA Committee Over Alzheimer's Drug Approval

"Accelerated Approval is not supposed to be the backup that you use when your clinical trial data are not good enough for regular approval," Kesselheim said via Twitter on Monday as the FDA issued its OK for Aduhelm.

Kesselheim called the FDA move "probably the worst drug approval decision in recent U.S. history" in a scathing resignation letter he sent to acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock on Thursday.

Drug company withdraws court motion requesting retraction of papers critical of its painkiller

A drug maker has blinked in a lawsuit against the leading anesthesiology society in the United States, along with several anesthesiology researchers, who it claims libeled the company in a series of articles and other materials critical of its main product.

As we reported last month, Pacira Biosciences, which makes the local anesthetic agent Exparel, field the suit in federal court in April, alleging that the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the editor of its flagship journal, Anesthesiology, and others, were unfairly targeting the drug.

Anesthesiology researcher guilty of misconduct in more than 140 papers: Investigation

A Japanese anesthesiologist has been found guilty of fabricating data and other misconduct in 142 articles, leading to his termination and the sanction of several of his co-authors.

Showa University says its investigation into Hironobu Ueshima, the existence of which we first reported on last June, found that the prolific researcher had doctored his results, falsified his findings and tinkered with authorship


The Republic of Iran had a problem throughout the 2010s: How to sell oil to countries like China that didn’t want to flout U.S. and EU sanctions aimed at Iran’s nuclear program. It was a problem solved in part by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a state bank, and a money launderer, Reza Zarrab.

Though he worked in the shadows, Zarrab’s extravagant lifestyle made him famous in Istanbul, where he was known as “The Turkish Gatsby.”

His 2016 arrest in Miami established him as the star witness in what became the long-running prosecution of Halkbank, Turkey’s leading state-owned bank.

Paper partly funded by controversial stem cell company retracted

The suit named both U.S. Stem Cell and Kristin Comella, its former chief scientific officer who resigned in 2019 — and a co-author of the now-retracted study.

The authors were affiliated with a variety of public and private institutions in the United States, Mexico, India and Puerto Rico, including most notably U.S. Stem Cell, which trumpeted the study — and another article, which remains intact — in a Dec. 1, 2017 press release and includes it in its roster of trials.

The company is involved in an ongoing legal battle with the U.S. government,

JP Morgan Scandal

JPMorgan to pay almost $1 billion fine to resolve U.S. investigation into trading practices

JPMorgan Staff Said A $1.1 Billion Deal Might Be Corrupt. The Bank Sent The Money Anyway.

Clarence Thomas Scandal

It’s time to reexamine the evidence that Clarence Thomas lied to get onto the Supreme Court — and to talk seriously about impeachment.

A Brief Guide to the Joe Biden–Anita Hill Controversy

Man tycks tycka om att ljuga i Sverige!

Flera S-politiker spred lögner på arabiska om M och SD

Katastrofen Stefan Löfven!

Ljugande politiker är ett hot mot demokratin”

Hög tid för Stefan Löfven att ta ansvar och avgå!

Dela den här sidan

Any hope for safe food when you travel?

Food poisoning hits more than 90 after Chinese meal in Spain

Spania versting på matforgiftning

Hur mår du Spanien?

Mittmedias megadesk matförgiftad! Hur mår du Sverige?

25 APRIL, 2017

På måndagen var det premiär för Mittmedias nya megadesk i Västerås för sju tidningar i Västmanland och Stockholmsregionen. Men under kickoffen för medarbetarna blev majoriteten matförgiftade och man tvingades ta in vikarier för de nya deskredaktörerna.

berättade tidigare i april om den nya desk som ska serva sju av Mittmedias tidningar i Mellansverige med nyheter. Genom megadesken får alla titlarna bemanning dygnet runt sju dagar i veckan. På måndagen var det premiär för desken som är placerad på Vestmanlands Läns Tidnings redaktion i Västerås.

Men en stor del av arbetsstyrkan var utslagen. – Vi hade två kickoffer för de 17 medarbetarna i desken i slutet av förra veckan och företaget bjöd på lunch från samma restaurang. Nästan alla blev matförgiftade. Det har blivit en lite skakig start, berättar chefredaktören Daniel Nordström för Journalisten

Kvinna dog av matförgiftning

En kvinna från Uddevalla har dött efter att ha matförgiftats på semesterorten Alanya i Turkiet.

No wonder holidaymakers stick with the Full English! Spain tops list of destinations where Britons have been struck down by food poisoning

Hur mår du Spanien?

Portuguese officials probe cause of children’s food poisoning! Hur mår du Portugal?

By News Desk on June 1, 2021

Authorities in Portugal are investigating after up to 70 children needed hospital treatment earlier this month in the country. The Economic and Food Safety Authority (ASAE) through its Southern Regional Unit went to the city of Beja to follow up the alert of illness and discover the cause of suspected food poisoning.

Crap food in USA!

It is not peaceful! It is pissfull! You are in the wrong place!

The Science Behind Your Cheap Wine

In particular, most people don't realize how much chemistry goes into making a product that is supposedly just grapes and yeast, she says. Part of the reason is that, unlike food and medicines, alcoholic beverages in the U.S. aren't covered by the Food and Drug Administration. That means winemakers aren't required to disclose exactly what is in each bottle; all they have to reveal is the alcohol content and whether the wine has sulfites or certain food coloring additives.

Tough Life!


Denmark: Three die of salmonella poisoning linked to herbal remedy

Three people have died in what Danish health authorities say is a large outbreak of salmonella that has left 33 people ill. Nineteen people have been treated in hospital, according to Denmark's SSI health agency.

Those involved in the outbreak are aged between two and 92. All those affected ate Husk brand psyllium husk capsules from batches recalled by manufacturer Orkla Care. Authorities found traces of salmonella in the products at patients' homes.

From chicken to tomatoes, here's why American food is hurting you

After all, our food and our health are deeply connected. American healthcare spending has ballooned to $3.5tn a year, and yet we are sicker than most other developed countries.

Meanwhile, our food system contains thousands of chemicals that have not been proven safe and many that are banned in other countries.

Know thy food! Turkish food with high poison!

Problems found at Turkish Super Cereal food aid supplier

By Joe Whitworth on November 20, 2020 A review has highlighted issues at a Turkish factory that supplied food aid implicated in a deadly outbreak in Uganda that sickened hundreds this past year.

Problems in the processing plant involved poor quality raw materials and lack of traceability back to farms, inadequate quality assurances and recordkeeping, and high quality control and quality assurance staff turnover with inadequate knowledge on Datura stramonium. In 2019, 315 people became ill and five died following consumption of Super Cereal provided by the World Food Programme (WFP) that was later confirmed to be contaminated by tropane alkaloids.

Super Cereal samples had been contaminated with the toxic plant species Datura stramonium also known as jimson weed or thorn‐apple. The source of plant contamination is thought to have originated from harvesting or processing of the soybeans.

Know thy Popcorn!

Microwave Popcorn can give you cancer!

Know thy Popcorn!

Know thy Aspirin!


Know thy medicine!

major screwup

Biotechnology/CRISPR Gene-edited cattle have a major screwup in their DNA Bid for barnyard revolution is set back after regulators find celebrity “hornless” bovines contaminated by bacterial genes.

Revealed: the new lobbying effort to deregulate GMOs

Political pressure aimed at deregulating the new generation of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) has been mounting in the EU since 2018 - when the European Court of Justice ruled that these new techniques still fall under the current framework dealing with genetic-engineering products. New genetic technologies allow speeding up plant-breeding, increasing yields and improving their tolerance to diseases or environmental changes.

However, given that these techniques have not yet shown a sustained safety record, they cannot be exempted from the rules that apply to GMOs, the EU's top court concluded in 2018. In 2019, member states asked the European Commission to prepare a study covering legal uncertainties for new genomic techniques, and policy options, under EU law.

After a virus was created from mail-order DNA, scientists are sounding the alarm about the genetic tinkering carried out in garages and living rooms

Gene editing can lead to global catastrophe!

Hacking Your Own Genes: A Recipe for Disaster

The webpage of the company he launched to sell DIY gene-editing kits (which is advised by celebrity geneticist George Church) says that Zayner is "constantly pushing the boundaries of Science outside traditional environments."

He is more explicit when performing: "Yes I am a criminal. And my crime is that of curiosity," he said last August to a biohacker audience in Oakland, which according to Gizmodo erupted in applause.

Regrettably, Zayner, along with some other biohackers and their defenders in the mainstream scientific world, appear to have given little thought to whether curiosity should be bound in any way by care for social consequence.

Scientists Edited Human Embryos in the Lab, and It Was a Disaster

A team of scientists has used the gene-editing technique CRISPR to create genetically modified human embryos in a London lab, and the results of the experiment do not bode well for the prospect of gene-edited babies.

Biologist Kathy Niakan and her team at the Francis Crick Institute wanted to better understand the role of a particular gene in the earliest stages of human development.

So, using CRISPR, they deleted that gene in human embryos that had been donated for research.

When they analyzed the edited embryos and compared them to ones that hadn’t been edited, they found something troubling:

Around half of the edited embryos contained major unintended edits.

Biverkningar/Side effects

Ibuprofen kan försämra fertilitet hos flickfoster

Ipren kan öka risken för hjärtinfarkt

Artinventerare: Slöseri med resurser att staten avverkar egna värdefulla skogar och samtidigt betalar ersättningar för privat skog som skyddas

Terrorist iranians sabotaged my work at Karolinska Institutet and they got help from Tuomas Näreoja to do so! In exchange Tuomas Näreoja got a job at Karolinska and gets finance money from Finland! We shall expose corruption!

Fake research has been published about Vangl2 in canada!