DANGER!Dozens of popular sunscreens have been contaminated with benzene, a chemical that can cause cancer, report finds

After losing out on an entire summer to the pandemic last year, Americans are eager to lather up with sunscreen and head to their nearest beaches now that vaccines have stifled coronavirus transmission in the U.S.

But a recent report found dozens of popular sunscreen products have been contaminated with a chemical that is known to cause cancer, called benzene.

Facebook sued over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

The scandal involved harvested Facebook data of 87 million people being used for advertising during elections.

Mass legal action is being launched against Facebook for misuse of information from almost one million users in England and Wales.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal changed the world – but it didn't change Facebook

Suit accuses Facebook of wrongly tracking users away from social network

Sanna Marin has lots of screws loose, the same way that Facebook has

lots of screws loose! RIP Facebook! RIP Sanna Marin!

It had argued in court filings that it was a legitimate "party" for exchanges involving digital content received from software tools such as "like" or "share" buttons plugged into other websites. "Rather than eavesdropping on a separate communication, the communication with Facebook contained distinct content intended for Facebook," the leading social network said in a legal filing. US wiretap law makes it illegal to snoop on electronic communications unless one is a party to the exchange.

Sanna Marin has lots of screws loose!

People like Mikael Smeds die because Sanna Marin and Finland

have lots and lots and lots of screws loose! RIP Finland!

Mikael Smeds 1973-2020

Texas Accuses Google

Texas Accuses Google and Facebook of an Illegal Conspiracy A new antitrust case against Google alleges that the two companies made a deal to reduce competition in online advertising.

A lawsuit filed today by a coalition of state attorneys general, led by Texas’ Ken Paxton, accuses Google of making an “unlawful agreement” that gave Facebook special privileges in exchange for promising not to support a competing ad system.

Again, the Facebook arrangement is just one part of the Texas case. More broadly, the complaint accuses Google of taking advantage of its control over each step of the online advertising chain—from the tool businesses use to place ads, to the platform publishers use to make their ad space available, to the exchange where the two sides meet—in ways that stifle competition and pad Google’s bottom line.

Facebook's 'monopoly' must be split up, US and states say in major lawsuits

Facebook generated revenues of more than $70bn and profits above $18.5bn in just the last year, according to the FTC’s complaint, and regulators allege that anticompetitive actions taken by the company’s executives, including Mark Zuckberg, gave them a monopoly in the market.

Is Facebook and Zuckerberg helping China to be science super power?

Is Facebook and Zuckerberg helping China to be science super power?

Zuckerbegs wife is chinese! Is all the shit Marc Zuckerberg does

to make China a science super power by 2050?

I would say ooooh yea!

China science super power by 2050

In 2017, China's president Xi Jinping outlined his vision for China becoming a global science and innovation leader by 2050.

The government has been paving the way for years and the country's knowledge-intensive high-tech sectors are developing at a rapid pace. According to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service, China accounted for nearly 5 per cent of global research & development (R&D) in 2000, joining the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the countries of Western Europe as the largest funders of R&D. China’s expenditure then rose from $33 billion in 2000 to $468 billion in 2018, with its global share soaring to 26.3 per cent.

GSK China Scandal

The GSK China scandal was an imbroglio where the China branch of the global drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) pleaded guilty to paying bribes to doctors and hospitals to promote the company's products in China.

The scandal started with sex tapes of the company's China head, Mark Reilly and his Chinese girlfriend at a Shanghai department, which were sent to several senior executives of the company.

The company's investigations into the sex tapes led to imprisonment of the paid investigator Peter Humphrey and his wife Yu Yingzeng in China, a country which has an opaque judicial system with a 99% conviction rate, on allegations that they had breached privacy law.

Humphrey and his wife maintain their innocence and Humphrey claims he was tortured and denied medical treatment due to his refusal to confess to trumped up charges.

After the trial in Changsha in September 2014, the company apologized to the Chinese people, and paid one of the biggest fines in Chinese history worth ¥3bn (£300m; €350m; $490m). 4 executives of the company, including Mark Reilly, the only foreign citizens involved, were sentenced. Reilly received a suspended sentence and was also deported from China. The UK Serious Fraud Office concluded their investigation in 2019 after finding insufficient evidence[1] The scandal started with sex tapes of the company's China head, Mark Reilly and his Chinese girlfriend at a Shanghai department, which were sent to several senior executives of the company.

The company's investigations into the sex tapes led to imprisonment of the paid investigator Peter Humphrey and his wife Yu Yingzeng in China on allegations they had breached privacy law. Humphrey alleges he was tortured and denied medical care due to his refusal to confess.

Bad country Irland! It is bad, bad,bad!

Four decades after she left the Bessborough mother and baby home in Cork, Ireland, Mari Steed made a horrifying discovery.

While there as an infant, she had been part of what she calls a “highly unethical” vaccine trial. Starting at 5 months old, Steed was vaccinated at least three times with an experimental shot to prevent diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and polio, her medical records, which she shared with NBC News, revealed.

Steed, now 60, later learned the vaccine was administered without the knowledge of her birth mother, with whom she lived for the first 18 months of her life at Bessborough.

Isaac Newton predicted the world will end 2060

In 1704, Isaac Newton Predicts the World Will End in 2060

Disaster! Scandal!


If called before a congressional committee investigating scientific misconduct, Louis Pasteur, one of the luminaries in the history of science, would not pass muster by current ethical standards or even by the standards of his own day, according to a leading Pasteur scholar.

Fraud has always been present in science, long before the NIH was handing out grants. Gregor Mendel, the founder of genetics, had results that are just too good to be true.

Pasteur's notebooks, long kept secret, reveal that he misled the world and his fellow scientists about the research behind two of his most famous experiments: the vaccination of sheep against anthrax, and that of a boy against rabies. And it is common knowledge that Sigmund Freud fabricated many of the case studies on which he built his psychoanalytic theories and career.

Know thy genes! And you can predict life quality! And know how to handle it!

Patient dog av en allvarlig biverkning av cancermedicin – efter det började Vasa centralsjukhus som första i landet ta gentester på cancerpatienter

Efter patientens död visade provsvar att hen hade brist på enzymet DPD. Enzymet behövs för att kunna bryta ner fluoropyrimidin som finns i de mest använda medicinerna för flera olika cancerformer. - Det kan uppstå flera biverkningar och det kan vara allvarligt. Om man gör DPYD-testet kan man minska risken märkbart, säger Jekunen.

Om patienten har brist på enzymet kan man ändå ge läkemedel som fluorouracil och capecitabin men i minskad form.

I predict the italian society to be a dead society because italians are all more or less schizophrenic ppl

Schizophrenia in Italy is much bigger problem than blod clot after covid vaccine

Italian women are very dangerous! If they do not suffer from schizophrenia

they suffer from severe autism and severe corruption!

Expressed emotion and schizophrenia in Italy. A study of an urban population.


We predict disaster!

Pain of Cocaine! We predict death! RIP Jennifer!

Jennifer Nitsch starb am 13. Juni 2004, als sie aus dem vierten Stock ihrer Dachwohnung im Münchner Stadtteil Schwabing stürzte.

Da sie an Depressionen litt, wird Suizid angenommen, obwohl ein Unfall nicht völlig ausgeschlossen werden kann.Laut Staatsanwaltschaft war sie mit einem Alkoholwert von 3,1 Promille volltrunken und hatte zudem Schlaftabletten eingenommen

Kokain wie Schnupftabak

Die 37-Jährige habe Kokain genommen und auch "sehr viel getrunken".

Pain of Anorexia! We predict death!

Kry skandal! We predict disaster!

Krys 1:a skandal

Kry anklagas för att lura patienter till sina vårdcentraler

Kry snor patienter och täljer guld

När den blågröna majoriteten i Stockholm under finansborgarrådet Iréne Svenonius (M) skulle handla upp coronatester, gick affären till privata diagnostikbolaget Werlabs. Det var sannolikt ingen slump. Bolaget leds av två partikamrater till Svenonius: Henrik Forsberg som är vd för Werlabs och Erik Centerlind som är företagets produktägare. Henrik Forsberg sitter i valberedningen för moderaterna på Lidingö. Det gör även Erik Centerlind, som dessutom är ledamot av fullmäktige i det moderatstyrda Lidingö.

We predict death!

Get real!;)

We predict the death of Giulio Berruti! RIP!

Giulio Berruti was last seen wearing super expensive clothes that could not

hide his ugly face which tells us he is dead inside.

We predict that he will die young!


Predict northern lights

What Alcohol does to your body

Product quality prediction

Determining the Optimal Path for Drug Quality Prediction


AI is helping governments improve efficiency, detect irregular financial activity and deliver better value for money through augmented human decision-making.

How could AI be used to predict infection outcomes?

Building Models to Predict and Prevent Salmonella Outbreaks

Some new approaches!

AI Method Predicts Development of Drug-Resistant Phenotypes

The results showed that the growth dynamic profile alone could successfully predict a strain’s resistance to antibiotics 60–75% of the time.

Gonorrhea Strain Thwarts 2 Main Drugs, Raising Concerns It's Becoming Untreatable

Gonorrhea has grown resistant to multiple kinds of drugs, as scientists struggle to come up with other effective, clear options that are well-studied. And as NPR has reported, "experience has shown that once a resistant strain of gonorrhea appears, it steadily displaces those that can be killed with antibiotics."

MIT Researchers Predict the Oceans Will Start Emitting Ozone-Depleting CFCs

As atmospheric concentrations of CFC-11 drop, the global ocean should become a source of the chemical by the middle of next century. The world’s oceans are a vast repository for gases including ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. They absorb these gases from the atmosphere and draw them down to the deep, where they can remain sequestered for centuries and more.

Predicting biochemical oxygen demand in European freshwater bodies

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is an indicator of organic pollution in freshwater bodies correlated to microbiological contamination.

Prediction of water freshness

Chemical pollution imposes limitations to the ecological status of European surface water

Anzaldua, G. et al. Getting into the water with the ecosystem services approach: the DESSIN ESS evaluation framework. Ecosyst. Serv. 30, 318–326. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecoser.2017.12.004 (2018).

Begravnings Elände!

2 000 kistor på kö till krematorium i Rom

Enligt politiker i oppositionen hade det lokala styret kunnat avvärja problemet om man redan 2017 lyssnat till uppmaningar om att modernisera och utveckla krematorierna.


The potential of artificial intelligence to improve patient safety: a scoping review

EU project 2008-2011

Predict chemical safety!

Centrala delar av detta tvärvetenskapliga program är att utveckla nya processer för industrin och ta fram en verktygslåda med modeller och metoder för att riskbedöma kemikalier.

Track air quality!

Air quality in Stockholm

Bankruptcy prediction Italy!

Bankruptcies in Italy increased to 2902 Companies in the fourth quarter of 2020 from 1606 Companies in the third quarter of 2020. source: Cerved

Forecast 2021-2023

Daily death prediction Italy!

Bad news for 70 plus ppl the rest can have a happy weekend!

More young men in Western Canada died than predicted

From May to October, 7,172 Canadians under the age of 45 died — 1,385 more than statisticians predicted for that time period. A large majority — 81 per cent — were men.

RIP Canada!

Computational modeling is a new step toward molecular medicine

Modeling of molecular networks and pathways has enabled identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, which is particularly important from the point of view of detecting cancer susceptibility, disease progression, and metastasis. Implication networks implemented in the Genet package are known to reveal complex biological interactions. Statistical analysis of Boolean networks, Bayesian networks, and Pearson’s correlation networks are being applied in developing gene co-expression networks for identifying diagnostic and prognostic markers in lung cancer and are enabling prediction of risk and metastases when evaluated with molecular signature database (MSigDB)

Guo NL, Wan YW. Network-based identification of biomarkers coexpressed with multiple pathways. Cancer Inform. 2014;13(Suppl 5):37–47.

Computational and experimental biology has enabled predictive computational models of the disease to understand diagnostic processes and mechanisms of disease progression

Bielekova B, Vodovotz Y, An G, Hallenbeck J. How implementation of systems biology into clinical trials accelerates understanding of diseases. Front Neurol. 2014;5:102.

Computational models of infection

Computational models of infection have enabled understanding of the process of viral antigenic drift, and thus enabled design of effective vaccines against disease like influenza. However, research focused on computational tools in analysis of diverse data is required to get the whole picture of infection. This remains a major challenge for the years ahead.

Modeling of metabolic networks enables prediction of drug targets and disease outcomes in diseases

Kim HU, Sohn SB, Lee SY. Metabolic network modeling and simulation for drug targeting and discovery. Biotechnol J. 2012;7(3):330–42.

Computational data mining, quantitative structure–activity relationships (QSAR), involving modification of structure of a molecule that affects its activity or property, pharmacophores which involves three dimensional arrangement of structures or functional groups in active compounds that is important for one or multiple activity, and pharmacophore models are applied in 3D database search, scaffold hopping, virtual screening (VS), ligand profiling, pose filtering, fragment designing, and predicting the pharmacological activities.

Chandrasekaran B, Agrawal N. Pharmacophore development, encyclopedia of bioinformatics and computational biology. Ref Module Life Sci. 2019;2:677–87.

Although numerous drugs are available, the fight by humans against infectious pathogens is relentless. There are many disorders for which we do not have proper medication, or the existing medications have undesirable side effects. Therefore there is need for new and effective drugs/vaccines. Also, the increasing antibiotic drug resistance is alarming and emphasizes the need for new antibiotics

Yu W, MacKerell AD Jr. Computer-aided drug design methods. Methods Mol Biol. 2017;1520:85–106.

Markov Chains

Introduction to Markov Chains

any hope for the world?